Development Journal

The Three Kingdoms has officially been rebranded to 0xLegends. We would like to introduce our current development progress and provide an overview of our community.

The Three Kingdoms was started in 2021 and with the support from you all, we have grown to a community with over 68k supporters. Our goal has never changed: To build the best Play2Earn strategy card game. All the challenges we faced have made us set in stone the direction of the development and extensive progress has been made.

New Character Concepts

Not limited by the Chinese theme, by including other characters such as Japanese historical figures, and Western legendary figures, more audiences could be related to the game. Our NFTs are the key elements, we would like to introduce our brand-new art style to the community. To include figures from different regions, our artists create all characters in a fantasy anime style, hoping to create a fresh look for 0xLegends.

Building 3D Assets Model

In order to provide a more comprehensive gaming experience, our artists create everything from scratch, starting with basic shapes and adding details. This is a time-consuming process, however the team could have more control over the final product. Starting by creating a simple model, our artists have tried different textures and materials, and see what works out the best. Enhancing the game with polished 3D assets.

3D Asset White boxing
Battlefield Design

Through the use of advanced 3D modelling techniques, developers are able to create a 3D environment referencing the defensive wall. This allows for a greater level of interactivity and realism for players. By utilizing textures and lighting, developers are able to create a battlefield where players could send out Hero NFTs and start the battle. Additionally, with the use of motion capture and particle effects, the gaming environment is more exciting and engaging. The progress of designing the 3D in-game battlefield is sure to bring a whole new level of gaming experience to players.

Gameplay Design

The 0xLegends gameplay design is referenced to Sangokushi Taisen (a hardcore arcade game). Sangokushi Taisen is a Japanese board game for two to four players, based on the romance of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. In the game, players compete to conquer territories on a map. Each player controls one of the game’s many characters, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The game ends when one player has either conquered the territories on the map or killed all the other players’ characters.

Fascinated by the romance of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, 0xLegends wanted to create a game that would allow players to experience that world first-hand. Which is simple to learn but also required a lot of strategies and planning. Provides a great gaming experience for players of all ages. By collecting NFT cards, you will start off the game by deck planning. Each character has its own force and skills, with good executions allowing you to accumulate experiences and win the game.